A good set of photographs, a video or comments book can be a great resource.

They can provide a memento for everyone who took part, be used to promote another event, improve publicity materials for next time, contribute to a community archive or be used as part of a presentation, display or local publication including local magazines and newspapers.

You can even use your record as the basis for your next project. Make a scrapbook or exhibition of photos and written reports of the event, or screen a video of the work at the local village hall or community centre.

Recording the event also helps you to monitor the progress of the project. You identified aims, objectives and likely outcomes at the initial planning stages. Now you can look to check if you achieved those aims. Did you attract a wide spectrum of the community? Did you work within your budget? Was the event enjoyable for participants of all ages?  All these questions can be answered and form part of the record.

Don’t forget to upload your photographs and video’s onto your facebook page or website, link to your twitter feed, or blog – see our section on social media for more information.

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