Twitter is another useful social media tool which you can use to raise awareness about your event.

Likened to a ‘microblog’ it enables you to send, read and re-send text based posts which have a maximum of 140 characters, known as ‘tweets’.  Tweeting about your event is a useful way of getting short, snappy messages out like announcing a sponsor, a new artist, where the event will be held or linking to your facebook event page.

Most events have their own hashtag such as #ccf12  (Cambridge Folk Festival 2012) which help to make an event both searchable and memorable.  All you need to do is start using a hashtag in any related tweet and encourage others to repeat this when discussing your event by using the phrase ‘Please RT’.  Another good idea is to have your hashtag on any promotional materials you are also producing or related websites.  If you have a large event planned, you could alternatively create its own twitter account which can also add credibility to the event.

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