A blog is short for ‘web log’ and is used by millions of people to post their opinions, information, thoughts or ideas to the web in an easily accessible format.

It takes the form of a website which allows you to write, load images and video on an ongoing basis where people who read your blogs can comment or link to them.  Blogs can easily be used as a way to encourage interest and share information about your event – you could create one specifically for it, where you can create posts that announce the event, call for artists, performers or presenters, and promote sponsorship opportunities.  Other people taking part can make guest posts that also help to reach a wider audience.

During an event you could have someone ‘live blog’ – writing posts and uploading images as the event happens.  You can also blog about the event after it has happened – what you have learned, how it went but also use it as a way to gather feedback, comments and suggestions.  A popular option to create a blog is Google’s, which is hosted for free and you can choose your own domain name.

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