Getting your message out there

Distributing printed media can be time consuming – you could distribute through a local newspaper or ask if you can use the mailing list from a local venue. If you are distributing yourself, you can create a list of places where your audience might pick them up – community centres, arts and performance venues, hotels, colleges etc but you must always ask permission before leaving them on display.  Alternatively, you could post flyers through people’s doors if your event is for local residents. If you would like to cast the net wider, you could consider using a distribution service.

You can also reach a wide audience online by advertising your event for free on Cambridgeshire.net (http://www.cambridgeshire.net).  Information published on Cambridgeshire.net is automatically added as appropriate to a number of other local sites such as Shape Your Place, Eventility, Youthoria and a number of local District Council websites (see our Social Media section for more information).

Idea: Did you know that Cambridge City Council have a comprehensive leaflet and poster distribution service to promote arts and leisure events which is cheaper than paying expensive postage costs?  The service covers all of Cambridgeshire and will distribute outdoor poster panels, leaflet and indoor posters and door-to-door distribution.  For more information and prices, visit http://www.cambridge.gov.uk/distribution.

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