Why Have A Steering Group

The main function of a steering group is to ensure that the event is properly managed and safely delivered

Usually each member of the group will have a specific role to play, this might include:

Setting the goals and objectives for your event
Project management
Volunteer coordination
Marketing and communication
Budget handling
Health and safety coordination
Organising meetings and taking minutes

Once your steering group has been established, brainstorm through these buzz questions:

1 What type of arts project are you going to do?
2 What benefits might it bring to the community?
3 Where and when will the event take place? Take the season and weather into consideration especially if your event is outside; bear in mind national events e.g. Wimbledon, the World Cup, Elections or even popular TV programmes; think about when the school holidays are; check that there isn’t another local event happening on the date you’ve chosen.
4 What expertise and help do you need, either from within the community or from outside? Think about car parking, volunteers, catering etc.
5 What materials and equipment will you need?
6 How much money will it cost?
7 How can you raise the necessary money and what ‘help in kind’ can you call on? Discuss possibilities for fundraising, applying for grants and asking for sponsorship from local businesses.
8 How can you make sure that the event is enjoyable for as many people as possible?

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