Get Your Community Involved

Getting the community involved is the key to a successful event so ask for ideas and opinions from people in your neighbourhood.

If asked at an early stage people tend to be supportive and more likely to join in. A questionnaire could be sent out with the neighbourhood or parish newsletter or via the local newsagent. You can also often get permission to use local community events to consult at such as parish AGM’s, fetes etc.  Online surveys can be easy to put together and there are a number of online companies offering free surveys or low cost subscription services such as SurveyMonkey.

You could find out the following information from people:

What kind of arts events would people like to see happening?
Would they, or any group which they are part of, like to be involved?
If so, what skills do they have (artistic, practical, technical or organisational)?
Do they have access to useful resources (e.g. computer, photocopier, sewing machine, tools, PA system etc)?
Would they like to see long-term benefits for the community (e.g. a new arts group, a public art work, new instruments for the band)?

Aim to collect as much information as possible on what people would like to see happening, what resources exist within the community and what would enrich and improve the life of your community.

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