How To Get Started

People are your biggest asset so once you’ve identified a number who are interested, invite them to form a steering group who will lead and manage the project.

Getting Together

At your first meeting discuss ideas and formalise the group. You’ll need an effective chairman, a treasurer and a secretary. The basic requirement of most funding bodies is that your organisation has a bank or building society account and a management committee. Decide how often and where you’ll meet as a group. Once a month is often enough with more regular meetings in the two months before the event. Try to find a time that is convenient for everyone, and book meetings well in advance so people can keep their diaries clear.

Building a Team

If your event is for the whole community then make sure that your steering group is made up of a wide spectrum of people across your community in terms of age, socio-economic group, gender, interests and special needs. It’s really useful if group members have links into local networks and if they have a range of different skills – ensure that you use these links and skills and delegate work so everyone has a job to do.

The Dream Team

Have you got these people in your group?

The visionary – to have ideas.
The motivator – to encourage others to get involved.
The realist – the one with bucket loads of common sense.
The consolidator – to resolve disputes and identify what you all agree on.
The speaker – to talk about ideas confidently.
The writer – to write clearly and creatively.
The organiser – the one who can organise themselves and others.
The artist – both practical and inspirational.
The tea-maker – crucial to keeping the meeting sweet, someone who just wants to be helpful and happy to make any contribution.

Beware the self-promoter! Big heads and control freaks don’t play well in teams!

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