About this Guide

This is a toolkit for anyone who wants to, put on a community arts project or event.  This might be: a festival or exhibition, film screening, play or concert, commissioning an artist, organising an arts workshop or make a difference to the creative life of your community. Have fun using it, we hope you find it useful.

Why run a community arts project or event?

Because the arts can:

      Be inclusive and build a sense of community
      Celebrate the diversity of our cultural experiences and heritage
      Help to preserve local identity
      Contribute to a better quality of life
      Develop essential skills that are widely applicable to other situations
      Engage the whole person, incorporating the intellectual, the physical and the emotional
      Be fun, engaging and raise morale
      Be about play and self-expression
      Have a lasting impact on values and beliefs

This site provides practical guidance and advice for anyone putting on an event or activity in their community..


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