Grants and Trusts

There are hundreds of independent grant making foundations and trusts in the UK, some give grants nationally, internationally or only to local projects or initiatives.


There are many small grants available for all sorts of projects. Grants can cover such projects as environmental improvements, community development, training, new arts activities, rural tourism and local identity. Talk to your local arts development contact to see how they can help you.

For larger projects, grants are also available from Arts Council England Grants for the Arts and the European Union Culture Fund.


Trusts and Foundations are private sector entities providing funds to support charitable endeavours, including the arts. For the arts, Trusts and Foundations have been a vital source of financial support. Last year the cultural sector raised over £141m from them nationally.

Some parishes have charities set up by a benefactor wishing to support people in your community. Your parish council may be able to advise you about trusts in your village. Cambridgeshire Community Foundation can also advise you about a number of trusts and other grant giving bodies who support projects in the county. See for more information.

Most Trusts and Foundations that are also registered charities and derive their income from an endowment which accrues interest. Some of the best known Trusts and Foundations include:

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation:
Paul Hamlyn Foundation:
The Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation:
Garfield Weston Foundation:
The Foyle Foundation:

Idea: Cambridge Arts Network newsletter has useful information on the latest funding opportunities in Cambridgeshire and also national funding schemes, to register to receive the newsletter please email

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