The Pajama Game

Sawston Youth Drama (SYD) is a group with a long history in musical theatre, their first production having taken place in 1970. Since then, they have had at least one major production each year and often more, especially since different arms of the group have been established.  ‘The Pajama Game’ was the group’s 56th show and had a cast, orchestra and back stage crew of over 50 young people between the ages of 15 – 21. There were four performances of The Pajama Game, from 8 -11 February 2012. All performances played to a capacity audience of almost 150, meaning nearly 600 people saw the show through its run.

SYD supports itself through the fees collected from its members and through box income from performances. Fees are deliberately kept low to ensure that membership is accessible to all. The group is further supported by Sawston Village College, which offers its facilities for rehearsal and performance.

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