Stagestruck Theatre

Haddenham’s outdoor theatre started through a chance conversation between local residents, and led to a successful outdoor staging of a Midsummer Night’s Dream with eight performances over two weeks in summer 2011. The main organiser stressed that there was no need for a formal committee, just make sure you bring in people with the right expertise,and don’t be afraid to ask around, as people are usually happy to get involved. In fact finding the actors was the hardest part, apart from the weather! The event needed around an 8 month lead-in time, to recruit people, rehearse, and get the publicity out, but by having enough timeĀ it was never a panic. Sound and lighting were kept as simple as possible, with no amplified music, and getting a temporary event notice was very straightforward, one form filled out about a month before hand covered the performances and the bar.

The organiser invited local community groups to help steward the event, and they were able to use the event to promote their activities and raise funds. The event went so well last year the group is well into preparations for this Summer’s performances.

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