Sawston Youth Drama (SYD)

In 1968, Sawston Youth Centre Drama Group was formed and in 1970 the group produced its first official performance, “Oklahoma!”. Since then, the group has put on at least one major production each year. Now called Sawston Youth Drama (SYD) based at Sawston Village College, the group has a thriving membership. In 2005 SYD Juniors was formed for school year groups 8 and 9, and in 2009 SYD7s was formed for year group 7. More recently, Sawston Theatre Company was launched as the latest arm of the group, catering for performers aged 18 and over. The group has a website at:

SYD is run by a supportive team of volunteers, some of whom are involved in leading drama, music and dance sessions for the various SYD groups and others of whom are involved in the technical aspects of preparing for performance. SYD aims to give young people living locally the opportunity to develop skills in all aspects of drama, dance and music. Since the group’s formation, nearly 1,000 young people have joined SYD, and audiences nearing 50,000 have enjoyed SYD productions to date.

SYD operates a sustainable business model without direct public subsidy through membership fees and box income.  Fees are kept low to ensure that membership is accessible to all. The group is further supported by Sawston Village College, which offers its facilities for rehearsal and performance.

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