Changing Woodland

A climate change expert in Meldreth, South Cambridgeshire wanted to deliver a primary school workshop. He worked with the local Arts Development Manager to link up with a writer’s group, local nature reserve and an artist.

Changing Woodland involved a treasure hunt in Melwood with Meldreth primary school children. An artist worked with Melbourn Village College students to create sculptures of creatures that might live in the woodland under different climate conditions, which were placed in the woodland for pupils to find. After the treasure hunt the pupils worked with poet Clare Crossman to write climate change poems.

To share the work a public event was held in the woodland. The treasure hunt was opened to local families and the primary children’s poems were displayed. This was followed by a poetry workshop to create a climate change poetry collage with a local writers group and refreshments at the Tavern Gallery in Meldreth.

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