Projecting the Past

In 2008 a project was established to bring cinema back to Sawston and to have films being screened once more in the original cinema building, Spicer’s Theatre.

This building is on the Sawston Village College site and the hope was that young people from the school would run the cinema for the community. However, when it was established that young people were unaware of the original function of the building – it no longer looked like a cinema inside – another project was initiated to trace the history of cinema in Sawston. This project would seek to uncover the story of the building and the history of film in Sawston. It was decided also that a film would be made to tell the story of the cinema and the result was the 30-minute film, ‘Projecting the Past’. Find out more at

Sawston Village College worked in partnership with the Cambridge Film Trust, the Sawston Village History Society and the filmmaking organisation, Stories – Projects in Film. The project was intergenerational in focus and involved both young people from the school and older people from the local community who had memories of the cinema because they had either worked or attended cinema screenings there.

The project was funded through the Heritage Lottery Young Roots programme and supported by stART.

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