In this section you will find a variety of events from around Cambridgeshire and Peterborough for inspiration!

If you are flooded with great ideas from the community, congratulations. Usually, it’s not as easy as that. There’s a wide range of arts community related activities to choose from. Some are revived traditions or relate to the history of a place.

Think about:

Involving a lot of local people, of all ages and interests
Accommodating a range of skills and time commitments
Including an element of community celebration – a play, pageant, carnival, parade or party
Lasting benefit – a commemorative book or sculpture, internet site and environmental feature or tourist attraction

Get your steering group to ask themselves the following questions:

What are our aims and objectives?
Do we have the necessary practical skills within the community to do this?
Are our community facilities suitable?
Do we need to involve an artist to advise and help us?
Which members of the community are we keen to involve?

Once you’ve decided on an idea you may find it helpful to get as much advice and information as possible from other community groups and from professional organisations who are there to guide and support you.

If another community has organised a similar event, get in touch with them for some inside information.

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