Facebook is arguably the most well known and well used social network currently available and it is a great way to get started using social media.

Anyone can open a facebook account and it can be used as a powerful marketing tool for your event allowing you to communicate information to a broad network of people through both public and private messages.  If you already have a facebook account you can update your status with news of your event, but even better you can create a facebook ‘events page’.

When setting up an events page, try to use a catchy title, subtitle and image as these are the three fields that are seen in the ‘requests’ field when you invite friends, and likewise when they invite their friends also.
To generate more excitement surrounding your community event, periodically post comments on your events wall.
When people RSVP and write on your wall, return the compliment by writing on their wall to thank them and comment on any photo’s or links.
As the date approaches for your event, send out an event reminder.

Each of these small actions then go into your mini feed and also the news feed of your friends which will draw attention to your event which goes beyond your initial post.  The benefits of a dedicated event page allows you to build a fan base over time, you can add a ‘like box’ to your website, blog or other web presence that you are also using to promote your event.  While this form of publicity is more immediate, it will require that you dedicate time to updating and posting entries in the build up to your event.

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